Recently, Yotsuba Corporation has received a large number of concerned inquiries regarding the Kira killer and his relation to Yotsuba, if any. While it is true that many of Kira's recent targets have been top executives from rival companies, we calculate that any benefit to Yotsuba is small, and the attacks are purely coincidental. In fact, it is entirely possible that one of Yotsuba's own executive members may die by his hand at any moment.

As a sign of goodwill, we have chosen to post the names and faces of several upper-management members, to prove that, not only is Yotsuba unassociated with Kira in any way, but upstanding citizens like yourself have nothing to fear from him. Yotsuba stands with the National Police Agency as they attempt to apprehend this notorious killer.

Once again, Yotsuba would like to remind you that we are not associated with Kira in any way, and we would never think of entering into any sort of agreement with him, regardless of potential profits for the Corporation.