Meet the Team

Yotsuba Corporation would be nothing without the talents and hard work of each employee. Here are some of the leaders responsible for keeping Yotsuba running at its best.

Arayoshi Hatori

VP of Marketing

Arayoshi Hatori is unique among the Yotsuba Group's leadership, as he initially possessed little interest in business before joining to be closer to his father, the president himself. He graduated from Futatsubashi University's Literature department, intending to study ceramics, but his connections to the Yotsuba Corporation's president and his nose for consumers led him to his current position as VP of Marketing. When he is not working, Hatori enjoys spending time at home with his family and pursuing his hobbies making custom ceramics.

Kyosuke Higuchi

Head of Technology

Higuchi graduated from Wasegi University's Political Science department, and is currently Yotsuba's Head of Technology. At present, Higuchi's father is the president of Yotsuba Heavy Industrial, another large firm within the Yotsuba Corporation.

Masahiko Kida

VP of Rights and Planning

A calm, calculating man, Kida graduated from To-Oh University's Science department with a degree in psychology. He uses the sharp lens of science to further the Yotsuba Group's goals with incredible precision. Off the clock, Kida enjoys collecting designer eyeglasses and studying freelance biology.

Shingo Mido

VP of Corporate Strategy; Director of Financial Planning

As a graduate of To-Oh University's Law department, Mido is Yotsuba Corporation's Vice President of Corporate Strategy, as well as the assistant director of Financial Planning. When he is not at work, Mido enjoys fencing.

Reiji Namikawa

VP of Sales

Namikawa is a well-learned member of the Yotsuba Group with a degree in Business from Harvard University in the United States. His current role is the Vice President of Sales. Off the clock, Namikawa has spent his time achieving the 4-Dan level in Shogi.

Takeshi Ooi

VP of VT Enterprises

The quiet beast, Ooi is a natural leader and the Vice President of a large Yotsuba subsidary, VT Enterprises. He graduated from Wasegi University's Law department and often takes charge of conferences and meetings, his quiet and formidable presence lending power to the proceedings. Growing up with his father in the Ministry of Defense, Ooi is a weapon enthusiast. When he is not working, he enjoys maintaining his large collection of model guns and traveling overseas to hone his own marksmanship skills.

Suguru Shimura

Head of Personnel

Shimura's incredible attention to detail earned him a spot as Head of Personnel at Yotsuba Corporation. A graduate from Kyodo University's Law department, Shimura uses skills he picked up at school and elsewhere to ascertain the trustworthiness of those he speaks with, picking up even the subtlest changes in the hardest of poker faces. Despite all this, Shimura actually dislikes gambling, preferring to spend his time off work playing rugby instead.

Eiichi Takahashi

VP of Yotsuba Material Planning Division and Yotsuba Homes

Takahashi's responsibilities are impressive indeed. Serving as VP of two independent Yotsuba divisions, he clawed his way to the top through skills he learned at Keiyo Business School. Somewhat hotheaded at times, Takahashi is never afraid to speak up - after all, if you're going to be wrong, you should be boldly wrong. When he is not working, Takahashi enjoys surfing and spending time with his wife and child.