Our Mission

Here at the Yotsuba Group™®, we strive to serve our customers through a broad array of diverse products and services, including standardized processes recognized by industry leaders across the globe. Taking into account our digital demographic in Japan and the United States, we've come to recognize the significance of our competitors in this monopolistic market, and have taken appropriate action so as to cooperate with marketplace trends and adjust our business ventures to coincide with competitors' strategic decisions.

What We Do

The Yotsuba Group© is a prominent figurehead in the realm of corporate casualty insurance, servicing more than 440,000 clients to date. Through the acquisitions of several insurance firms, we have grown our market share by roughly 37% within the last four-quarter accounting period. Our clients consist primarily of individuals and firms, wishing to protect valuable assets through the use of casualty indemnity.

Target Market Sectors By Country

Conclusively, it can be inferred that by continuing our current market objective in outpacing competition through the use of pernicious stationary and divine omnipotence within the bounds of our department's control, we will continue to rise and dominate the insurance market.